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EZY Workforce and Education Partners (EWEP) 🌏 is offering all students and young professionals the correct pathway, and guidance, to study in Australia. We pride ourselves in ensuring we have quality educational institutes who we partner with and provide our students a world-class opportunity to succeed in the career they would like to pursue.


Apprenticeships and traineeships are training that is specifically for students in employment. The programs are specifically to up-skill the staff or to engage new trainees, to build a pipeline of skilled workers in Australia.

EWEP helps international students to find training on-the-job, for industries across child care, aged care, hospitality, business, and more.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are:

  • Nationally accredited training
  • Undertaken by students who are already employed
  • Delivered by an RTO
  • Subsidised by the Victorian and/or Commonwealth Government where eligible

Why Partner with EWEP

Ezy Workforce and Education Partners in co-operation with various 407 Approved Sponsors, recruits trainees who will be given opportunities to learn the standard and practices of their respective professions in Australia.

EWEP is currently recruiting for:

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