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About EWEP

Ezy Workforce and Education Partners (EWEP) is a team of trusted & dedicated education consultants who help aspiring international students and young professionals realise their dream of creating a rewarding future in Australia.

For over 12 years, the founders of EWEP have been supporting & caring for Filipinos by providing opportunities for greater income & livelihood stability.

Our founders established key operations in Asia and the Pacific to offer training & employment on behalf of Australian businesses. They also established numerous partnerships with local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to provide various livelihood opportunities to Filipinos.

Recently, EWEP has expanded its reach to Fiji as well. In response to the enthusiasm and hope of many Fijians to study and work in Australia, EWEP is now setting up an office in this country.

As much as our founders have helped Filipinos build a better life through the years, EWEP aims to achieve the same for Fijians aspiring to realise their dreams in Australia too.

Today, EWEP continues to take a step further in enriching lives by expanding its service into offering professional guidance and assistance to overseas students & young professionals who seek to secure their future through world-class education and job opportunities in Australia.

Our Mission

To help international students and young professionals enrol in reputed Australian learning institutions to enhance their skills and global qualifications for better work and life opportunities.

Our Vision

To help pave the way for international students and young professionals to get world-class Australian education and globally competitive academic qualifications for a brighter future.

EWEP provides the pathway for aspiring international students and young professionals to study in Australia.

Our dream is to see overseas students & young professionals from ALL SECTORS enjoying the rewarding life opportunities that Australia can provide.

Unlike other education consultants who make grand claims about what they can give but can’t follow through on, EWEP is committed to only provide service that offers full disclosure of information and full transparency.

While we certainly have the experience and qualifications to give the best assistance as education consultants, INTEGRITY remains at the top of our priorities.


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You deserve to achieve your dream of studying in Australia for a better future! But why choose EWEP to help you fulfill that dream?

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