Don’t Let Your Business Suffer From the Lack of Skilled Labour

Sustaining your Business with Skilled Labour Solutions for Long-Term Success


We aim to streamline and simplify your workforce needs through our expertise that saves time and resources as we take on the most meticulous tasks on screening and conducting background checks, so you can focus on identifying the best amongst our qualified and shortlisted applicants.

We can arrange an on-site interview or online conference call after we present the shortlisted candidates.

Reduced Time to Hire: We quickly identify and source qualified candidates.

Improved Productivity: With a skilled workforce that boosts your business’s output and productivity for long term.

Cultural Fit: We help ensure a smooth transition for your new employees.

Background Check Expertise: We navigate the screening, comprehensive background checks and skill assessments in assessing candidates for your business.

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As Australian Businesses are suffering from the labor shortage across key cities and the vast regional areas, 85% of businesses today are not able to operate at full-capacity due to labor shortages, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Labor reporting.

  • Businesses are finding it hard to recruit dedicated, competent and willing full-time workers.
  • As businesses can’t maintain the required manpower to operate at full capacity, business growth has stalled across the country.
  • Annual Wage Price Index grew by 4.2% in 2023, the highest to date.
  • Hiring skilled labour locally have been a huge problem.
  • High turnover rates and worker shuffle, leaving businesses short-handed.

With all these challenges, we, at Ezy Education and Workforce Partners have built our network and connections with skilled labour markets:

  • The Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Fiji Islands

We have been working with Australian businesses since 2012 to bridge the gap between the skilled labor shortage to the rich labor markets where our clients have since benefited from our recruitment services:

Dependable and Dedicated Workers: Who are motivated to succeed personally and with the business.

Long Tenure of Service: Lasting for years and years, compared to the high turnover rates of the current local workforce. 

Already Skilled and Qualified: For the job when they arrive, ready to work and ready to contribute.