Occupational Training 407 Visa

Helping businesses find the right trainee and interns for sponsorship

The workplace-based occupational training under the provision of 407 Training Visa is among the most growing in-demand field for bringing in skilled workers because of its accessibility and lower sponsorship cost for the small to medium businesses in Australia.

Ezy Workforce and Education Partners (EWEP) helps businesses bring in the right skilled personnel with the right qualification and aspiration to be a long-term asset in their workplace integration. Our streamlined process helps make the hiring and onboarding process more efficient.

We get you the right people with the right mindset and aptitude and qualifications to train and nurture as future assets that will help the business grow

We’re Experienced

We were established in 2012 and since then, our network in overseas labor and industrial skilled professional associations connects you with the young, dynamic and promising talents. We collaborate with labor groups to find skilled workers who meet and exceed your specific needs. Our stringent background checks ensure that we recommend the right candidate with their skills and their aptitude.

Customised for Companies

We tailor our search and recruitment of potential occupational trainees or interns to your requirements. Whether we are searching for a select few roles or a team to bring in, our expertise simplifies the search, shortlisting and recruitment of qualified candidates.

Your Partners

We streamline your potential trainee recruitment by identifying the perfect talent pool based on your specific needs. We work closely with you throughout the shortlisting process, conducting interviews in-person or virtually to ensure that the candidates meet your expectations and requirements. This
collaborative approach saves you valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters the most: selecting the right people to sponsor.


In helping Australian businesses fill their sponsored occupational training openings, our process streamlines the search and recruitment as we manage the most time-consuming but essential tasks of: meticulous candidate searches, thorough screening, in-depth background checks, and initial interviews. Only after this comprehensive vetting do we present the perfect-fit candidates for our clients’ review.

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