Skilled Labour

Recruitment of skilled workers to help businesses get over the skills and labour shortage.

The labour shortage amongst skilled and semi-skilled labour have hampered businesses from operating at a full-capacity in which it also limits their growth. It gets harder and harder to recruit skilled workers locally due to geographic challenges.

Australian businesses have increasingly sought Skilled Labour Recruitment from overseas workers through companies such as Ezy Workforce and Education Partners (EWEP), who connects businesses from Australia to the international labour markets of the Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia and Tonga.

Highly Qualified

Working with overseas labour markets since 2012, our core team have worked with labour groups and skilled worker associations over the years to enrich our labour pool in service of our clients. We conduct a thorough and stringent background checks to assess the quality of candidates basing on your specifications and qualification needs.

Customised for Companies

In order to work with their unique circumstances whether they need a few select skilled individual workers or a team of competent and qualified personnel for the business. Our recruitment and workforce solutions can help you navigate and overcome the challenges in the hiring of skilled workers.

Your Partners

In the search and selection of the skilled personnel basing on your set qualification and skill requirements. We will communicate and work with you in the shortlisting of candidates to conducting interviews whether on-site or over a computer teleconference as we aim to streamline your hiring by to save your time and resources on selecting the most qualified candidates over fruitless hours of searching and waiting.


In working with Australian businesses to recruit and hire overseas and migrant workers to fill-in the skills and labour gap, our process was developed to save time and money for our clients. We conduct the essential search, screening, background checks, initial interviews and qualification & skill assessment checks to fulfill our due diligence before shortlisting candidates to be presented with our clients.

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