Australian Businesses: Facing the Labor Shortage Crisis

The Australian labor market is facing a critical challenge of recruiting and maintaining the skilled labourers and workers that many businesses and industries need in order to sustain their growth.

  • Crippling Shortages: A staggering 85% of businesses are unable to operate at full capacity due to labor shortages, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • Recruitment Difficulties: Finding dedicated, skilled, and willing full-time workers is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Growth Stalled: Businesses are unable to maintain the required manpower, leading to stunted growth across the country.
  • Rising Costs: The Annual Wage Price Index reached a record high of 4.2% in 2023, further adding pressure to businesses.
  • Local Challenges: Hiring skilled labor within Australia is proving problematic.
  • High Turnover: Businesses are experiencing high turnover rates and worker churn, leaving them short-handed.

Our Solutions

We recruit skilled workers from the most sought after overseas labour markets for Australian businesses. We work with your business in getting the right people with the right skills through a proven screening process.

Skilled Labour

Addressing the skills shortage and labour gap for businesses through recruitment and direct hiring assistance for our clients. Get the skilled workers your business needs.

Unskilled Labour

The recruitment of Unskilled Labour whether it is a select few or an entire team to address labour shortages. No job is too small or too big for our expertise.

Seasonal Labour

We help agriculture based businesses and farms in sourcing a sustainable supply of seasonal labour by placing an emphasis on the efficiency of the process.

Occupational Training – 407 Visa

We specialise in the recruitment of Sponsored 407 Visa under Occupational Training as we work with your business to search, filter, select and assess their qualifications basing on your skill requirements.

Our Industries

Over the years we have worked with various businesses, trades and industries in the recruitment of skilled workers and labourers from overseas to fill up all workforce needs.

Healthcare Workers
Welders & Fabricators
Agriculture & Farm
Fitters & Turners

Why Work with Us?

Started in 2012, we have worked and deepened our connections with overseas labour groups and skilled worker associations in connecting the up and coming young workforce to address the ongoing labour and skilled worker shortage in Australia.

Are you a business that is being grounded by labour and worker shortage?

We can help you take off with our Workforce Solutions.

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