Seasonal Labour

Recruitment of Seasonal
Workers to help Agriculture and Farms

Seasonal workers are becoming a vital foundation for Australia’s agriculture, farms and other season based businesses. These workers are essential in the sustainability of food and farms.

Ezy Workforce and Education Partners (EWEP) helps businesses secure a productive and sustainable supply of seasonal workers to gear up for harvest season. We work with labour groups and agriculture-based skilled workgroups in Southeast Asia to help address the challenge of finding seasonal workers.

We’re Experienced

Since 2012, we’ve built an international network of skilled workgroups on the qualities and qualification for seasonal workers. Our reach extends to overseas labor groups and industrial associations, connecting you with young, dynamic talent who will contribute immediate. We collaborate closely with you, to identify the most qualified applicants, conducting stringent background checks to ensure skills, aptitude, to match your labour needs.

Customised for Companies

We tailor our search and recruitment of potential occupational trainees or interns to your requirements. Whether we are searching for a select few roles or a team to bring in, our expertise simplifies the search, shortlisting and recruitment of qualified candidates.

Your Partners

We aim to make the recruitment and onboarding of seasonal workers easier. We identify the most qualified laborers from workgroup pools matching your specific labour needs. Throughout the selection process, we collaborate closely with you, conducting in-person or virtual interviews to ensure that you get to know your shortlisted candidates. This collaborative approach frees up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most – selecting the ideal people to help your business.


Simplifying the Recruitment of Seasonal Workers. Our process streamlines the search by meticulously identifying qualified candidates who meet your specific requirements on skill and responsibilities. We handle the time-consuming tasks: thorough screening, in-depth background checks, and initial assessments. Only perfect-fit candidates for your seasonal workers are presented for your review and interview.

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