The Benefits of Being a Working Student in Australia

Because of its excellent work opportunities and a stable & continuously thriving economy, Australia has become one of the top destinations in the world today for working and living. Additionally, there is constant demand in the country for skilled foreign workers. International students can find plenty of work opportunities here to help support their living and school expenses.

If you’re an overseas student thinking about whether being a working student in Australia is actually a good idea, this article will tell you why it is!

Besides the obvious financial aid that working part time while studying provides, there are other advantages to getting work experience before you graduate from college or university.

Australian law allows students to work up to 20 hours a week while university classes are ongoing. This limitation on work hours ensures that students will not overdo their work hours to the point of allowing their school attendance or grades to suffer. However, during holidays or when classes are not running, students are free to work unlimited hours. 

The minimum wage in Australia is $21.38 AUD an hour; a much higher rate compared to many countries, which makes holding a job a very attractive prospect indeed, as long as you can balance work with studies!

It’s common to worry about whether you can successfully balance your studies with having a part time job. So, here are some jobs that many students find work well around their studies, according to recent statistics:

Ø  Retail positions in supermarkets, boutiques, or department stores

Ø  Waiter/waitress in cafes and restaurants

Ø  Bartender

Ø  Collection or delivery driver (needs a valid Australian driving license)

Ø  Farming or fruit-picking

Ø  Childcare, hospice care or cleaning

Ø  Admin roles (data entry, secretarial work etc)

Ø  Tutor   

Below are other great advantages of working part time while studying:

Gaining Work Experience:

Gaining work experience is one of the most important benefits of working as a student. Whether you apply as an intern or a part time student worker, your work experience will make a positive impression on future employers. It shows your ambitiousness, discipline, and time management skills.

Networking Opportunities:

Being exposed to real work settings also presents you with multiple networking opportunities. Growing your network of mentors, friendships, & business relationships will prove valuable later in your career.

Gaining Transferable Skills:

Just because you’re working in a job that is unrelated to your college or university course doesn’t mean it’s worthless in terms of work credentials! Transferable skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork are skills most employers actively look for, since these soft skills are essential in practically any job.

As you may have surmised in the above reasons, being a working student in Australia pays well, both in money and experience. Just make sure to always be mindful of keeping a good work-life balance, and you’ll reap many excellent advantages for the present and future!

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